Gluten free muffins

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the concept behind Sweet Natalie's?
A: Sweet Natalie's is a co-op bakery. There are multiple small businesses, which utilize our dedicated gluten free kitchen to launch their own business. Each individual business owner creates their own specialty products and then sells them at Sweet Natalie's under their own private label.

Q: Is Sweet Natalie's a NUT FREE facility?
A: Sweet Natalie's is only a dedicate gluten free facility. We do bring in products from gluten free and nut free kitchens that are safe for those who do have peanut and tree nut allergies. Currently those products include: decorated rice kripsy treats, chocolate candy, cookies, brownies, coffee cakes, biscuits, and breads. These products are readily available, however, please call prior to visiting Sweet Natalie's to ensure that we have them in stock. These allergy friendly products are popular and sell out quickly.

Unfortunately, we are not able to bake peanut or tree nut free cakes. We do bake with peanut and tree nut ingredients in our facility and they are used on shared equipment. Sweet Natalie's takes food allergies very seriously and we want our customers to be able to enjoy their desserts in a safe environment.

Q: How much notice do we need to place a special order for a cake?
A: The custom cakes and cupcakes are made from Eye Candy Bake Shop. Please allow 3-4 weeks for a specialty dessert cakes and 8-10 weeks for custom cakes. Please call the bakery if it is less then three weeks notice, as sometimes we can accommodate your special order. Payment is due at the time of the order and all custom cake sales are final.

Q: My child is allergic to dairy and eggs, do you have separate equipment?
A: Dairy Free and Vegan options are available, however, the products are baked on shared equipment. The equipment is washed and sanitized after each use, but can run the risk of cross contamination.

Q: How often do you have fresh bread?
A: Typically we have fresh bread Thursday- Sunday and you can find our breads frozen during the week. Please call the bakery to see if we have the bread products that you are looking for, as bread is a popular gluten free item and it tends to sell out quickly.

Q: What the flour blend you use?
A:  A blend of sweet, white and brown rices are used to create the gluten free desserts. There are some other flours used such as almond, cassava (tapioca), coconut and millet. We even carry some products that are free of all grains!

Q: Is your facility certified gluten free?
A: Sweet Natalie's is not certified gluten free, however we are a dedicated gluten free kitchen.

Q: Do you have nut free and egg free and dairy free options?
A: We do typically have a few cholate bars and cookies that are vegan and nut free. Please call for availability.

Q: Do you do wedding cakes?
A: Yes! Custom wedding cakes are created by the pastry chef from Eye Candy Bake Shop. Wedding cake tastings are also available. Please call the bakery for more information and to set up a wedding cake consultation.

Q: Is everything made here?
A: The majority of the products are baked on the premesis. There are products that are made in outside gluten free and allergy friendly facilities. These local small businesses help contribute to the wonderful gluten free and allergy friendly products available to you, all in one location!

Q: Do you have other locations?
A: No. Sweet Natalie's only has one location. We are located in downtown Geneva at 228 S. 3rd , Geneva, IL 60134

Q: What is the building below the bakery?
A: Our original location was downstairs, just below our current location. We have expanded our kitchen facility to provide you with even more amazing gluten free desserts.

Q: Do you ship?
A: No. We do not ship our freshly baked gluten free desserts, however, some of the vendors that are a part of Sweet Natalie's do offer shipping. Please inquire regarding specific items that can be shipped nation-wide.

Q: Do you deliver?
A: Wedding cakes, tiered cakes and sweet tables are available for delivery. An additional service fee will be added on to the price of the special order. For more information regarding delivery for a special occasion cake, please call the bakery.

Q: Do you have sandwiches?
A: We do not offer any sandwiches. There are savory items available in our freezer section.

Q: Do you host birthday parties or special events?
A: Sweet Natalie's would love to host a birthday party or special event for you! Please call the bakery for more details and we can customize a gluten free and allergy friendly event for your special day!